Free Online Hip Hop Dance Lessons for Beginners

Hip hop is a dance that consists of a variety of styles, moves and techniques. It is still a fundamental aspect of urban culture, moving toward the exit of the way to the club to the main motion. Let us refer to dance hip hop's most popular and their background.

There are three dance hip-hop's most famous breaking, locking, and looks. Violating sourced from the Bronx, New York in about the 1970's and was based on four signature dance move: toprock footwork move known executable stand, downrock, dance movements played on the ground, frozen, where the dancers usually stopped at the time handstand or during downrock and power moves, which is a feat performed each perform acrobatic dance. When breaking in a game between two opposing teams face off to one another in what is referred to as the Apache Line.

Locking movement developed in the west coast by the crew of Los Angeles called The Lockers. Unlike the famous Popping fluid dance steps and ground work is based on a series of pauses Locking is referred to as the key in which the dancers hold the key before it erupted into dance steps and then, just to make a new key soon. Dancing robot is closely associated with locking.

Popping third style that began in Fresno, CA. To Pop the means to do the jerk in the body to the music. As seen breaking but there are two hip hop dance that fits with the style of dance, gliding, which focuses on the beat fine leg to appear as dancers glide, and clucked, which involves movement of the upper body dance that combines form with shoulders arms and head.

Anyone interested in hip hop dance, there is always the online tutorial videos that can be watched, regardless of your current ability. Mikes Moves is a website that offers dance video in a variety of styles, including the Moonwalk, Popping, Glide, and the Crip Walk. In their video free beginners, while more advanced lesson is to pay a few dollars each. They provide text and video dance lessons are complete.

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